Thought for the Week: HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE HIM? – January 3, 2016

THOUGHT FOR WEEK My thought for the First Sunday in January 2016 is “How Much Do We Love Him?” I’m sure there are flaws in our love for the Lord. Matthew 22:37 states, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” As homo-sapiens, you and I do not possess the divine faculties to love the Lord at the optimal/maximal … [Read more...]

Thought for the Week: “ARE YOU BEING FILLED?” – July 12, 2015

My Thought for this Sunday is, "Are you being filled?" In reality, what are you filling yourself up with? Is it social media, negative influences, drama, materialistic things, etc.? Have you ever taken the time to see what you are doing in your daily walk with Christ? We should always wake up with a “thank you Lord for another day” approach, and not a “let me check my … [Read more...]

Thought for the Week: “STOP COMPLAINING SO MUCH” – July 5, 2015

My thought this first Sunday in July is: “Stop complaining so much.” We have all had the occasion to look out and see that things are not happening the way that we would like for them to; however, just because it does not happen the way that we are used to, does not mean that it is wrong or even non-effective. God has given us all gifts and talents and we don’t see … [Read more...]

Thought for the Week: “LET GO AND LET GOD” – June 28, 2015

My thought for today on this Men’s Sunday is “Let Go and Let God.” We hear this particular cliché when we are going through a crisis. We hear it when we want God to do something spectacular in ones’ life as well; but as we hear it, we still refuse to let go and let God. Are we afraid to let go because we want to indirectly steal the glory from God or is it that our pride is … [Read more...]

Thought for the Week: “MY FATHER IS A CHRISTIAN” (poem) – June 21, 2015

MY FATHER IS A CHRISTIAN He leads our household well; With instruction from the Bible, Right behavior he'll compel. Yet he steers us with compassion; His gentle love is true: He conforms to our Lord Jesus He knows just what to do. He teaches us with purpose, Guides us in all Godly ways, So we will take the right path, And serve our lord with praise. I'm glad … [Read more...]