Children’s Church

The goal of Children’s Church is to teach and inspire young children through the word of God, things concerning the “love of God” and his care for children and their world. Children grow and develop in many ways &ndash physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually! During these early years, spiritual nurture and development are extremely important. It is during this time that a child learns the basic spiritual building blocks on which they will rely to help them deal with the many challenges they must face in their adolescent and adult lives. Activities are as such that the young children will enjoy the exercises and understand the subject matter clearly.

Children love to worship God! They do, however they have worship needs that are different than adolescents and adults. That&rsquos why Children&rsquos Church is there for your child &ndash (1) to help build the crucial foundation for increased desire to worship as well as (2) to spiritually nurture them in age appropriate ways! Children’s Church is for youth ages 2-10. For more information please see Missionary Lawanda Washington.