Charity Outreach

President: Mother Shirley Jemison
The Charity Outreach is maintained through donations of food and clothing. The food received is used in preparing food baskets for the needy. The clothing received is sorted accordingly (men, women, children, infant, etc.) so the people can pick out what they need. If you would like to donate food or clothing please contact Deaconess Shirley Jemison. When donating clothing items we ask that you please wash and fold them before bringing them to the church. Once a quarter on the second Saturday of the given month we prepare a full course meal for the residents of the El Paso Rescue Mission. We take the food to the mission and serve all the men, women, and children while singing and spreading the Word. The residents really enjoy being served, hearing the singing, preaching of the Word, and we enjoyed doing it!

If you would like to donate can goods, clothes or whatever God puts upon your heart, just let us know.

Charity Outreach Schedule

Spring/Summer Months
6:30-8:30 am
2nd Saturday each month

Fall/Winter Months
7:30-8:30 am
2nd Saturday each month

Rescue Mission
2nd Saturday of every other month